Welcome to modern Chinese with an island breeze. The Blue Breeze Inn serves up the sensational flavours of regional China in the lush, laid-back surrounds of a Pacific Island paradise. We’re also home to NZ’s premiere rum and cocktail bar: The Rum Jungle. Come enjoy an island holiday with a cutting-edge chef, right in the heart of Auckland’s Ponsonby Road.


Barrington first fell in love with the light and vibrant flavours of modern Asian food while working at Martin Boetz’s Sydney restaurant, Longrain. It wasn’t long before he was backpacking through Thailand, boarding with families and learning alongside ‘the Mammas’ in their simple kitchens.

In 2011, Che opened MooChowChow, Auckland’s first modern Thai restaurant, celebrated for its innovative take on traditional Thai flavours and techniques. And now, at The Blue Breeze Inn, Che is bringing that same combination of Kiwi innovation and ancient tradition to Chinese food.

After a research expedition to China in 2012, Che has returned passionate about the vast palette of flavours, textures and cooking techniques yet to be made available to Auckland diners. If you think you know Chinese food, Che’s ever-changing menu will make you think again.